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Public Rec

MuteSix worked with the apparel brand to help them scale spend, increase conversion volume, decrease CPA, and increase ROAS and revenue.

The Goal

The main objective with Public Rec was scaling spend in the account and increasing overall conversion volume. There is a lot of competition in the men’s apparel space, so it was important to find winning messaging and targeting to use on Google to segment Public Rec from other brands.

The Strategy

Early on, we found the search term “men’s most comfortable pants” was a top performer with a high return and low CPA. We updated the Google Shopping feed to include that phrase in the product title and scaled the account tremendously ever since. We have consistently been able to own the search term across Search, Shopping, YouTube and Display and have reached many new customers across all Google channels as a result.

23% CPA decrease 49% ROAS increase 2,081% Revenue increase

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