Paul Mitchell

MuteSix worked with the haircare brand to help them scale their e-commerce, maintain a steady ROAS, decrease CPA, and increase revenue and spend.

The Goal

Paul Mitchell’s main objectives were to scale their e-commerce brand while steadily maintaining a 2x ROAS. A majority of their sales occur through resellers (Amazon, Ulta, Nordstrom, etc.), so they were looking to increase the percentage of business attributed back to their own site. They also sought to drive more in-store traffic to Paul Mitchell schools and beauty salons.

The Strategy

After seeing incredible success within the first 3 months of our partnership, Paul Mitchell will likely be doubling their ad spend. Google, Facebook, and Amazon have worked in concert to successfully scale revenue and sales month-over-month, especially with Amazon operating at almost 10x ROAS.

18% CPA decrease 162% Revenue increase 135% Spend increase

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