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Sitka Salmon Shares

MuteSix worked with the seafood subscription service to help them create their go-to-market strategy and generate purchases.

The Goal

With an older demographic traditionally introduced to the brand at farmers’ markets, this was the first time Sitka Salmon Shares was bringing their business digital. MuteSix was challenged with creating a go-to-market strategy that would generate purchases. Retention was a high priority for Email; we wanted to convert new subscribers into long-term, loyal customers.

The Strategy

We built a simple, one-page funnel to educate consumers and tapped our creative team to produce compelling content and messaging. We saw success across Facebook, Google, and Email by utilizing solid intro videos and UGC, as well as lifestyle and cooking shots. Our ad copy focused on unique selling points and positioned Sitka Salmon Shares as a community-driven company that offers healthy fish through sustainable practices.

12x ROAS $3M+ In trackable revenue 5.18% CVR

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