MuteSix worked with the electric bike company to raise capital with the use of Facebook ads.

The Goal

SONDORS Electric Car company successfully surpassed its $1 million goal through equity crowdfunding. Their goal with MuteSix was to raise the remaining $400,000 within 5 weeks, however, upon getting close to their initial goal, the goal was increased to $1.2 Million.

The Strategy

We tested various lookalike audiences of investors and retargeted to high intent visitors with ads that included a countdown to provide a sense of urgency. We meticulously monitored comments and questions on all ads to answer all investment questions.

The Results

The team more than doubled the number of investors in 5 weeks (900+ to 1,872), raised over $600,000 with only $5,000 spent on ads, achieved a ~$5 campaign CPA.

120x ROI 950+ Investors acquired $5 CPA

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