MuteSix worked with the trending tech platform to prove the real value of retargeting conversions.

The Goal

StackSocial wanted to drive sales by remarketing to website visitors, while working with MuteSix to verify the real value of its Facebook advertising.

The Strategy

We ran a remarketing campaign on Facebook, creating an accompanying reporting framework that would help us understand how many “view-through” conversions—i.e. people who viewed an ad and didn’t click through, but who visited the website later—we could attribute back to this campaign.

The ads, designed by MuteSix, each promoted a product or service on sale at StackSocial and linked to the product’s web page. StackSocial installed a Facebook pixel on its website to automatically build a Custom Audience of website visitors to retarget on Facebook. The company also used a pixel to measure conversions.

75% of view-through conversions directly attributable to remarketing A/B test campaign 6x ROAS 5x Attributable sales increase

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