Performance Creative

Strong by ZUMBA®

MuteSix worked with the fitness brand to decrease their CPA and improve their reach into several new audiences.

The Goal

Strong by ZUMBA® was initially only able to convert “in network” instructors. They wanted to marry their audience, creative and placements to reach new audiences.

The Strategy

Lookalike and group fitness were their primary demographic. By adjusting their messaging and tailoring their content to speak to new audiences we were able to break them into several other interest based demographics that matched their core audiences in performance.

Initial strategy with audience expansion comes from small tests with more “general” ads to gauge upper funnel metrics, CTR, time on site, add to carts etc. Based on those metrics we can glean insights as to where the next piece of lowest hanging fruit it is. From there we plan and begin execute, rather than create content for audience we think may work. Thus allowing us to move on the audiences that are most valuable.

The Results

Marrying creative (ads) with the user experience (landing pages), we decreased their CPA by 50% and improved reach/efficiency into several new audiences.

50% CPA decrease

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