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MuteSix worked with the beauty brand to reduce their CPL and increase their ROI and traffic.

The Goal

MORPHE wanted to appeal to a younger demographic of people not afraid to wear bold, creative makeup. The client also wanted to transition from retail sales to online and to increase their overall volume.


We partnered with well known influencers in the space to launch collaborations products (palettes, brush sets, etc) such as Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, and James Charles. We curated short, witty messaging that is appealing and relevant to our demographic, and served high quality, bright imagery to inspire our community to create their own makeup looks.

The Results

In the last quarter, we sold 27K makeup products on Facebook and Instagram alone. We generated $1.2M in revenue, doubling our YoY revenue growth.

80% CPL decrease 20x ROI increase 50% Traffic increase

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