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Trophy Skin

MuteSix worked with the skincare and beauty device brand to use Facebook advertising to find acquisition audiences that would convert.

The Goal

Trophy Skin tasked MuteSix with utilizing Facebook to find acquisition audiences that would convert.

The Strategy

MuteSix focused heavily on creative and finding acquisition audiences that would convert. Using our signature Hyper DR video package, we tested different copy variations (e.g., promo code and payment options at checkout) and product-specific landing pages. There was immediate success in both RMK and LAL campaigns, so we began testing interest audiences. After narrowing the interest audiences down by skincare and aging, we struck gold. Our interest audiences soon outperformed our LAL Acquisition audiences. Determining our formula with messaging and creative has been key in driving success for Trophy Skin. We have implemented this same formula account-wide for all new campaigns, and continue to see success.

34.05% CPA decrease 69.33% ROAS increase 167.23% Purchases increase 76.25% Spend increase

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