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MuteSix worked with the the heatable stuffed animal and wellness brand to acquire customers, scale, and raise average order value with Creative Production, Facebook and Google marketing.


Warmies®️ are the world’s best selling heatable stuffed animals and wellness products. Warmies®️ sets the standard for comfort and wellness by creating products that provide soothing warmth and aromatic comfort for all ages. 

The Goal

Warmies®️ came to MuteSix with the goal of expanding into the U.S. consumer market. They specifically wanted to acquire customers, raise their AOV, and produce new creative material that could be used cross-channel for acquisition and remarketing. 

The Strategy

When Warmies®️ came to MuteSix, the only creative assets they were running on paid social were statics. Our Enterprise Creative team took this as an opportunity to produce new creative content that would increase Warmies®️’ brand equity. Our main objective was to appeal to moms and get them to care, and we achieved this by taking an emotional approach and pulling at the heart strings of viewers. Strategically, we chose to highlight the product features in a way that created a positive association between Warmies®️ and its benefits. The end result was net new creative that pushed the needle across the brand’s channels because the overall message went beyond listing product features and instead telegraphed transformative benefits and a great deal of pathos.

On Facebook, we performed in-depth audience testing by experimenting with lookalikes and targeting audiences with a variety of interests. After testing, we found that grandparents made a significant portion of overall purchases. With that in mind, we framed our ads to present Warmies®️ as giftable for all members of the family, not just children, which promoted the product as a gift to give others, and also as a gift to treat yourself with. 

To increase AOV on Facebook, which was a challenge due to the low price of Warmies®️, we strategically created “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” ads that encouraged the sale of multiple Warmies®️ in a single purchase. These ads, along with our UGC video ads, received strong engagement and ultimately helped boost Warmies®️’ AOV. 

On Google, the goal for our non-brand search campaign was to cast a wide net to capture all non-brand related terms for warm stuffed animal toys. We built out individual ad groups for each Warmies®️ stuffed animal to ensure our ads were as relevant to a customer’s search term as possible, which allowed us to scale the campaign over a longer duration. 

Although we faced steep competition from other stuffed animal brands bidding on the same generic, non-branded keywords we were bidding on, we overcame that challenge by pursuing longer tail keywords that related more to Warmies®️. In doing so, we were able to drive conversion volume while achieving a desirable CPA. 


76.62% ROAS increase 484.53% Revenue increase 233.11% Spend increase 53.34% CVR increase


51% ROAS increase MoM 26% CPA decrease MoM 63% Clicks increase

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