This week, Spend $10k a Day host, Susana is joined by Rafael Romis, an eCommerce brand strategist. Learn from Susana and Rafael as they discuss getting your UGC content trending.

Stories are king. but you know that already. How, specifically can your brand spark meaningful UGC moments that stand out when you’re not a legacy beauty brand or cult favorite?

Let’s demystify the process using principles that companies of all sizes can use to plan, create, track and deliver campaigns that work. We’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at several case studies for strategies you can apply today, without the fluff.

About Rafael:
Growing a loyal online community is the key to eCommerce success. You don’t just want to participate in your space. You want to lead the pack. After 20 years of experience creating digital impact for the biggest brands on the planet, I’m excited to help your brand take over your chosen market.