MuteSix worked with the luxury pool float brand to scale spend and increase revenue with Pinterest.


The celebrity-coveted, high-quality line of luxury pool floats, kiddie pools, and backyard essentials for adults and children came to MuteSix to drive new customer acquisition and sales via Pinterest.

The Goal

Looking to reach new audiences, increase customer acquisition and revenue, and diversify paid social spend outside of Facebook and Instagram, FUNBOY turned to MuteSix to achieve myriad marketing goals.

The Strategy

MuteSix focused on the creative strategy for FUNBOY, where we leaned toward a mix of static- and video-based creative, while focusing on value prop messaging (i.e., durability, unique designs and features, etc.) in order to drive direct-response marketing from our “Live Your Best Summer” ads.

After we optimized our creative strategy for the Pinterest channel, we leveraged all available audience types of interests (i.e., “destination travel” and “music festivals,” etc.), keywords (i.e, “large pool floats,” “July 4th party ideas,” etc.), and act-alike audiences to reach new users who were likely to engage and become a future customer of the FUNBOY brand.

The majority of our budget allocation was focused on efficiently driving top-of-funnel efforts so we could continue to reinvest in the Pinterest channel going forward.

1,000% Increase in Spend 450% Increase in Revenue 2.8x ROAS

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