Universal Standard

MuteSix worked with the size-inclusive apparel company to increase purchases, revenue, and ROAS with programmatic advertising.


Universal Standard is a size-inclusive apparel company that believes style should be the only filter, not restricting sizes. The brand provides wardrobe staples shoppers of all sizes love, engineered with high-quality fabrics made to last. 

The Goal

Universal Standard came to the MuteSix Programmatic experts to implement Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Its overall goal was for MuteSix to beat its previous agency’s performance.

The Strategy

MuteSix’s biggest challenge was increasing personalization for Universal Standard’s recent, non-converted website visitors. To increase personalization, we strategically chose to dynamically display the individual products that are most relevant to a given shopper’s experience with Universal Standard. By utilizing DCO, we have successfully increased Universal Standard’s purchases and improved its ROAS. Leveraging DCO yielded an impressive 7.7x ROAS within two weeks of launch, which was double what Universal Standard’s previous agency was able to achieve. In addition, MuteSix’s custom-designed assets have consistently earned a 11x ROAS, which is a whopping 120% increase compared to Universal Standard’s past results.

As well as leveraging DCO, the MuteSix Programmatic team also created a custom pipeline for managing Universal Standard’s 600+ SKUs, pulling from multiple sources including Shopify and Google Studio. By building the pipeline entirely internally rather than outsourcing, MuteSix saves the client thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees each month that would otherwise be charged for agency convenience. Additionally, we built dynamic HTML5 GIFs mapped to various product page views and in-stock availability, which have drastically increased Universal Standard’s revenue and return on ad spend.

50% Increase in Overall ROAS Using MuteSix DCO Ads (from 5.0x to 7.7x ROAS) 120% Increase in ROAS Using MuteSix Custom-Designed Assets (from 5.0x to 11x ROAS)

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