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Facebook Automated Rules [Podcast]

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The newest episode of our internet marketing podcast is all about automated rules on Facebook. The feature was first released last year to the excitement (and, maybe, relief) of many a Facebook media buyer. The MuteSix team has been making great use of Facebook automated rules in our campaigns, and, today, we’re sharing our strategies for what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do with automated rules.

Automated rules have been available on Google Adwords for a long time, but until mid-2016, advertisers on Facebook have been left waiting for tools to help them automate some of their campaign monitoring tasks. Now that automated rules are available on Facebook, marketers are excited to use them and cut down on their ad management time…but we recommend treading lightly. It’s very easy to nuke your campaigns if you don’t set up your rules correctly (and it’s easier than you think to make mistakes). In this episode of the podcast, Steve and I go through exactly what you should and shouldn’t do with Facebook automated rules.

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