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How to Produce High-converting Video and Landing Pages on a Budget [Podcast]

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Episode 11 of MuteSix’s digital marketing podcast – “How to Produce High-converting Video and Landing Pages on a Budget” – is now live. In this episode, Steve and I are joined by Moody Nashawaty, MuteSix’s VP of Growth to talk about how to create really effective video ad creative for as low as a few hundred dollars.

Video has been a HUGE priority for us at MuteSix. With Facebook gearing the user experience more and more around video content, we’ve been able to generate great results for clients by integrating well-designed video content into various stages of the marketing funnel. Luckily, “well-designed” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.” With the right message and content, you can create high-converting video ads with just an iPhone or a very affordable freelancer. 

You can listen to the episode right here:

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