Introduce new shoppers to your brand through the largest and loudest screen in the home.

How It Works

Reach 200M Americans watching TV on Connected Television screens and OTT devices with non-skippable, 30-second commercials indistinguishable from cable commercials to your shoppers — all with the added power of programmatic targeting, real-time auctions, and measurement.

Maximize awareness with shoppers not previously exposed to your commercials, then subsequently stay top of mind and engage with more interactive tactics like Display, Video, and Native.

The MuteSix Difference

Partner with the purchasing power of the Dentsu network. MuteSix provides access to industry-best rates with technology and inventory partners, as well as close relationships with leading data and inventory vendors, earning priority support and access to alpha and beta programs for our clients.

Our Process

  1. Perform campaign audit and opportunity analysis
  2. Provide creative format and tactic recommendations
  3. Develop performance-driven full-funnel targeting and campaign strategy
  4. Optimize against core KPIs
  5. Scale
Completion Rate
$0.01 - $0.10
Cost Per Completed Commercial View
Non-Skippable Impressions

TV/CTV Media Buying

Introduce new shoppers to your brand through the largest and loudest screen in the home. Even though television has changed a lot in recent years, advertising through this medium is still extremely effective if you do it right. But if you think that old-fashioned cable advertisements are still relevant — think again. 

After all, television has changed, and advertising has had to change with it! Thankfully, we here at MuteSix are always ahead of the curve when it comes to television media buying. As a result, we can help you come up with appealing commercials that will effectively target the right people. 

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