Fashion First Aid
95% Increase in Total Sales
86% Increase in Ad Sales ROAS
57% Additional Increase in Ad Sales (With Maintained Spend)
John Paul Mitchell Systems
258% Increase in Ad Sales YoY
910% Increase in New-to-Brand Orders YoY
98% Increase in New-to-Brand Orders in Q1 2021
Universal Standard
50% Increase in Overall ROAS Using MuteSix DCO Ads
120% Increase in ROAS Using MuteSix Custom-Designed Assets
2.48x ROAS
85% of Orders Driven from First-Time Customers
2.4M+ Impressions Delivered to 667.2K Unique Households
Amaryllis Apparel
1,338 Conversions
12.08x ROAS
178 New-to-Brand Orders in Q1 2021
Perfect Keto
52.94x ROAS for Retention Ads
22x ROAS for Retargeting Ads
46% Increase in Detail Page Views