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Moon Juice

MuteSix worked with the the adaptogenic beauty and wellness brand to increase return on ad spend, purchases and conversions with Facebook, Snapchat and Google.

Spend increase on Facebook
Subscription increase via Facebook
Purchases increase via Google

The Overview

Moon Juice is on a mission to provide intelligent self care to those in need. They create clean, active and potent adaptogenic supplements, skincare, and food that elevate consciousness and wellbeing.

Moon Juice came to Mutesix to grow their brand and double their business. They wanted to diversify their channels and tasked MuteSix with increasing return on ad spend, purchases and conversions.

The Strategy

On Facebook, we’re using direct response content to increase Moon Juice’s ROAS while maintaining their elevated branding. To scale performance, we’re using creative content that’s demonstrable, including testimonials, stats, and unique value propositions in short video and GIF format. 

To diversify Moon Juice’s paid channels and find an efficient ROAS, our team recommended Snapchat as an additional ad platform. Our initial strategy was to repurpose top performing ads from Facebook and run them as Snapchat ads, but after testing that strategy, we recognized that in order to leverage all of Snapchat’s ad formats, including Snap Ads and Snap Stories, we needed to create Snapchat-specific creative. Since generating Snapchat-specific creative, we’ve seen great success with our remarketing and retention campaigns and are working on making acquisition just as profitable. 

On Google, Moon Juice wanted to increase ROAS, while simultaneously growing spend, which typically proves difficult, but our team was able to accomplish this hefty goal by optimizing Moon Juice’s product feed, utilizing Google’s smart bidding and transitioning the account from standard shopping to smart shopping. Implementing these changes provided Google with enough data signals to successfully scale Moon Juice’s campaigns, while increasing their ROAS.

The Success


Increase in Spend
Increase in Subscriptions


Decrease in CPM's (compared to Facebook)


Increase in Spend
Increase in Purchases
Increase in Revenue
Increase in ROAS

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