3 Ways To Win Consumers Over: A Digital Marketing Strategy That Never Loses

Do you have a business but aren’t really attracting customers? Are your sales low and don’t know what to do to increase them? The best method you can use to remedy these frustrating situations is to launch some top-notch digital marketing strategies that’ll help you to win over your target audience in no time. 

Digital marketing is a great way to promote yourself that you should use regardless of your specific industry or company size. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brick-and-mortar small business in the local plaza or a massive eCommerce store where you send products by mail — the bottom line is that all businesses looking to grow should be using online marketing tactics in today’s fast-paced online world. 

Although there are many different digital marketing campaigns that you can use to increase your revenue, the truth is that they all don’t work equally well. Thankfully, we’ve got your back (and the experience) and know exactly which strategies are best. 

So if you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy that never loses, you’re in luck — read on for 3 ways to win consumers over.

Social Media Marketing

It should pretty much go without saying that the most effective and popular strategy for marketers currently is none other than social media marketing. This is because many people spend hours on the internet every day — checking in on the latest and greatest on their social media accounts often, with everything from Instagram to LinkedIn. 

If you can reach your audience in the digital channels where they already like to hang out and spend their time, your brand will have much more of an impact on them. And this is especially true if your brand engages with the audience often, providing them many opportunities to see content from you. 

Of course, you’ll need to set realistic goals. It can be really easy to have a high standard when it boils down to making a social media account for your business. However, we feel that it’s much easier to set smaller objectives and work your way up to the larger ones, all the while keeping track using the appropriate metrics.

For this effective strategy, you’ll want to use the platform to increase brand awareness. You can work on the unique voice of your brand, release promotional content like Facebook ads, make informative posts, publish other content, utilize influencers, and answer questions. You’ll want to emphasize what your specific brand does and stands for to build your following.  

At the end of the day, when it comes to social media platforms, you’re going to need a whole lot of creative content to keep your audience engaged with you. Look for an experienced marketing agency like MuteSix to help you by making high-quality video ads with high conversion rates — something that you’ll definitely need to be focusing on during this effective strategy.

Pro Tip: Managing social media can be draining, to say the least. To keep your motivation up, consider making a schedule for you to follow. Maybe check your social media account for thirty minutes, work on another project, and come back. That way, you can avoid burning yourself out. Social media can be a lot of fun, so take the time to chat with your customers and build your voice.  

Content Marketing 

This is another extremely effective way that digital marketers can help your brand immensely to reach new heights. You can focus on creating great content in various forms for your audience to engage with. For instance, starting an official blog or other interesting webpages for your brand gives you a platform to talk in-depth about your unique products. 

This means that you can demonstrate your knowledge and authority in the field. Writing top-notch articles with quality infographics and posting them to your page can be very informative for readers — not to mention they can also see that your brand means business and knows what it’s talking about! 

You can also take this opportunity to discuss frequent potential customer questions and pain points, making it a great way to generate organic traffic. This is especially useful if you take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (also called SEO) to get the best performance possible out of your content. 

Additionally, video ads can also be a part of your content marketing efforts. Rather than posting them to your social media, you can pay to put them on the actual platform. This means that consumers will see your advertisements when they’re scrolling through their feed or maybe before they watch a video clip of some sort. 

For example, Facebook for Business offers info on creating and uploading your advertisements to the platform, but first, you’ll need a great quality ad that you’re proud of and want to put out there for the world to see. If you need a little help creating something amazing for social media and want to avoid embarrassment with a less-than-awesome ad, MuteSix can help.  

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies available, and if you’re not already using it — you should. 

The primary focus of email marketing is customer retention, as well as gaining new customers. It’s an excellent technique for building brand awareness, encouraging repeat purchases, and keeping your company top-of-mind. A core part of this marketing channel is developing and refining your campaigns, as well as growing your audience. Similar to content marketing, email marketing also focuses on providing consumers with valuable information — otherwise, people wouldn’t stay subscribed. 

The whole idea is that, while these consumers may not need your products or services now, they will remember your specific brand when it’s time to actually make a purchase. That brand awareness encourages them to choose your company when they are finally ready to buy. 

To give you a quick example, an HVAC company may rely on emails to build a relationship with homeowners by sharing all the best tips and tricks for maintaining a heating and cooling system, lowering energy bills, and much more.

When those subscribers need a certain service, whether installation, maintenance, or emergency, they have a much higher chance of choosing that specific HVAC business because the company’s proven itself as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

One of the best benefits of this marketing plan is that you can also segment your audience and personalize your email campaigns. An example of this segmentation would be if you may create a campaign for customers that purchases a certain service or visited a particular webpage to appeal to that demographic in particular. You can also take advantage of automation and templates to make this process easier and improve customer experience with the right kind of messaging and CTAs.

Recruit the help of an awesome marketing agency like MuteSix, which can track ROI from your email marketing campaigns so you can experience real increases in your revenue.  

A Final Word

Digital marketing is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to reach new customers and achieve your business goals. Plus, it offers a variety of awesome strategies — from email to video to social — to reach your unique goals. Whether you’re looking to increase awareness, loyalty, revenue, or sales, digital marketing is the way!

However, the success of your digital marketing strategies depends solely on the development and execution of them. That’s why partnering with an experienced advertising agency like MuteSix is of the utmost importance. 

Start choosing and building your personalized digital marketing strategy today and contact MuteSix — you’ll be glad you did!